Miami, FL - Flooxa

Flooxa Launches to Give Art Students and Subscribers a Toothy Grin One Well-Designed Brush at a Time

Applauding what’s effectively simplistic and creative no end, an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush starts a revolution in oral hygiene. Featuring custom designs by art students, the toothbrush subscription service saves the planet and promotes smiles all at the same time.

Miami, FL - October 4, 2016 - Making the “canvas” practical, a new subscription service showcases art and design via a necessary daily routine.  Thinking outside the box to support art students, Flooxa quarterly stops the show by marrying creativity to sustainability.  How so? The company gives art students the chance to create biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes for their design-loving subscribers.  Then, hard-fixed to stop with regular oral hygiene and convenience, for every toothbrush sold, Flooxa gives designers-in-training 10% of the proceeds for their education.  Can someone say, “Pass the toothpaste?”.

With laser-etched toothbrushes on tap for subscribers, Flooxa creates a run on all things environmentally-friendly.  With handles made of 100% biodegradable bamboo and packaging made of compostable paper and cardboard, a Flooxa brush speaks of sustainability.  Once a new one appears in the mail, subscribers can literally return the old one to the earth or place it in a compost bin.  Serving as the perfect rotation reminder, it helps the earth flourish, while it helps a student flourish, for a nominal $8 every quarter.

Celso Portela, Founder of Flooxa said of the forward-thinking company’s launch, “Flooxa came as a direct response to my passion for art and design.  I took what is a natural extension of my desire as a college professor to support education, and turned it into a community-based win/win.  It’s just an added bonus that it supports an integral family tradition I’m very proud of in the field of dentistry.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to combine these loves with the ability to support students and art schools around the world.”

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About Flooxa Toothbrush

Flooxa Toothbrush is a quarterly toothbrush subscription service founded by Adjunct Professor and Creative Director, Celso Portela. The project helps art students fund creative projects, as well as to promote art institutions, and support global sustainability efforts.

New York, NY - Movie TV Tech Geeks    

Seen on Times Square Jumbotron


Movie TV Tech Geeks Partners with North Shore Animal League America to Incite a Run on Pet Adoption

America's foremost entertainment website joins forces with the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization to ignite interest in an unprecedented animal welfare program.

New York, NY - September 9, 2015 - Putting their powerful influence on the zeitgeist where it counts, Movie TV Tech Geeks links arms with the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue organization. Thanks to a partnership with North Shore Animal League America, the trending website will now put its glamorous spotlight on available pets.  The website that normally lauds movies, television, technology, celebrity, gaming and sports will now sing the praises of adoptable puppies.  Rescued from puppy mills and worse, the new partnership will support animal welfare like only the digital age can.  Movie TV Tech Geeks News will open wide its virtual doors and publicize animal adoption via social media and their site’s two million views monthly.

So how will they do it? will bring recognition to North Shore’s worthy work by giving attention to one animal up for adoption each week.  With the debut an ‘Adopt Me’ section, shown throughout the platform, viewers can meet their newest four-legged friend.  Clueing in viewers every way they can, the media news site will also use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to their best advantage.  Hoping to raise North Shore’s tally of 20,000 successful pet adoptions annually, the site will play pet videos on their YouTube channel as well.  This alone is no small push as the social news channel enjoys over six million views to date.  In addition to allowing visitors to fall in love with a pet, videos will also include footage of the ample rescue work North Shore does.

Hoping to shine a well-deserved light on North Shore’s efforts in the animal rescue and adoption community, Movie TV Tech Geeks joins some big name supporters.  Celebrity supporters include Cesar Milan, known worldwide as The Dog Whisperer, Billy Joel, Tyra Banks, Geraldo Rivera, Denise Richards and Kristin Davis.

William Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of Movie TV Tech Geeks News said of the partnership, “I learned about North Shore from Howard and Beth Stern and knew immediately we needed to partner with them to raise awareness about pet adoption.  The major objective is simple.  Our site has been extremely successful and we want to be able to use our large readership and social media influence to help make a difference with the welfare of animals we love so much.”

For media inquiries regarding Movie TV Tech Geeks News, individuals are encouraged to contact Editor-in-Chief, William Johnson directly at (651) 528-7412 or via email at, To learn more about the website, please visit:

About Movie TV Tech Geeks News:

Since its launch in 2010, Movie TV Tech Geeks News has expanded its writers and website to feature movies, television news, technology, celebrity gossip, gaming and full sports coverage. The site boasts over 2 million unique visitors monthly and is highly-cited for their sports and tech news coverage. It was national recognized for its six-part series on Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner, and has become one of the de facto experts on Deflate-gate, Edward Snowden, Cloud Computing and The Walking Dead.

About North Shore Animal League America:  

North Shore Animal League America - Home of the Mutt-i-gree® - headquartered in Port Washington, NY, is the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world. The Animal League reaches across the country to rescue, nurture and adopt 20,000 pets into happy and loving homes each year. Over the past decade, the Animal League saved over 200,000 lives and has saved 1,000,000 animals since its inception.


William Johnson

Editor-in-Chief, Movie TV Tech Geeks News

(651) 528-7412



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Linus Dean - Sydney, NSW, AU

Linus Dean Fuses the Old World With the New in His Newly Launched Co.lab88 Modern Rug Collection

Allowing ancient Nepalese craftsmanship to engagingly shake hands with Generation Y, Linus Dean announces the launch of his latest modern rug collection.  Designed by eight world-renown street artists Co.lab88 creates unique sophistication one socially-mindful weave at a time.

Sydney, NSW, AU - November 24, 2015 - Commingling the unconventional with the traditional Linus Dean announces his latest avant-garde rug collection.  Both radical and bold in its modernity, the excitingly fresh Co.lab88 collection does more than enliven the senses.  It marries old world production methods to ultramodern designs to help define a generation of internationally recognized street artists.

Ethically and traditionally handmade by weavers in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal Co.lab88 springs to life at the hands of eight respected artists.  The visionaries include, Jeroen Erosie who’s held over 20 solo exhibitions in Paris, London and Amsterdam.  It also includes Graphic Surgery’s Erris Huigens and Gysbert Zijlstra; the only artists in the mix to explore systematic aesthetics in black and white.  Other contributing artists include Brooklyn, New York’s Hellbent, and Austria’s Knarf, Australian artists Numskull and Lucas Grogan.  Combining abstract street style with symbolism is Sweden’s Ekta.  Polish architect, Nawer and Los Angeles graffiti artist Charlie Edmiston round out the artful eight.

Showcasing the newest work of emerging artists the designer rugs contemplate a sense of artful mastery that’s decidedly freestyle.  Catering to art buyers who are sophisticated in their understanding of design Co.lab88 art rugs range in price from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand.  In limited production of 50 each, Linus Dean will ask new artists to join the collection periodically.  

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About Linus Dean:

Founded in 2011, Linus Dean is a purveyor of modern contemporary rugs ethically handmade in Nepal.  Fusing traditional Nepalese craftsmanship with an environmentally-conscious commitment, Linus Dean creates rugs of heirloom quality.  Dean is an Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Award winner in design and has shown his art collections in the Global Gallery in Sydney, AU.


Linus Dean

Founder & Director 

+62 (0) 8214 689 5035


Linus Dean

33 The Avenue

Newport NSW 2106



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Saint Arbor - Los Angeles, California

Ray Bradbury Home Salvaged Wood will Create 451 Bookends in Homage to the Iconic Fantasy Writer

Neither lost nor forgotten after being casually torn down, the home of Pulitzer Prize winning author Ray Bradbury finds new life.  In homage, Saint Arbor creates 451 bookends from the salvaged remnants of what could have been a beloved literary landmark.

Los Angeles, CA - June 12, 2015 - It was the house that creativity built.  Now an iconic home is in pieces after being quietly demolished by ‘starchitect’ Thom Mayne who plans to build a new one in its place.  Still, there’s some good news for the home of Pulitzer Prize winning author Ray Bradbury.  Narrowly diverting a landfill, some of it has been salvaged and given to craftsmen devoted to carrying on its memorable past. Thanks to the Los Angeles reclaimed wood furniture company Saint Arbor, and salvaging organization The ReUse People, an effort now underway brings goodwill.  Enterprisingly, the like-minded companies will create something tangible with the house’s remains.  

Saint Arbor has been commissioned to create 451 limited edition bookends from repurposed wood donated by the Bradbury estate.  Each set will be individually numbered in homage to the author’s most famous work, Fahrenheit 451.  Donation of the home’s reclaimed Douglas Fir was made to The Reuse People.  The organization will make pricing and availability for the bookends known in the coming weeks.

Jon-Ryan Riggins, the owner of Saint Arbor said of the restoration project, “As of now, the public believes that the house went to a landfill. We want people to know that the material was salvaged and we’re taking great care to preserve it.  It’s an honor for Saint Arbor.  Mr. Bradbury lived in this home for 50 years and wrote some of his greatest works there.  We think it should be remembered well.” 

With a minimalist philosophy Saint Arbor creates handcrafted furniture for both home and commercial use.  Adept in the creation and design of custom furniture from salvaged materials, the company has created bespoke repurposed furniture in downtown Los Angeles for two years.  In addition to giving new life to salvaged American lumber, the company plants ten trees for every piece of custom furniture they make.  To date the young company has planted 7,000 trees. 

The Bradbury 451 bookends began production with full support of the Bradbury family in early June. Each set will be branded with a series number from 1/451 to 451/451 as well as the icon "451 F" to commemorate the best-selling book.  Also included will be a certificate of authenticity and thank you letter from The ReUse People. 

For more information about Saint Arbor visit  To contact The Reuse People click on

About Saint Arbor:

Saint Arbor is a Los Angeles, California based custom furniture company that creates handcrafted pieces from repurposed wood.  To give new life to salvaged American lumber the company works closely with non-profit organizations to preserve materials from demolished homes in and around Los Angeles.  


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Jon-Ryan Riggins

Owner, Designer


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The Veronica Project - New York, NY

Man Anonymously Gives Away $10,000 to Help 100 Strangers and Start a Kindness Revolution

Dedicated to righting a wrong, an “everyday man” anonymously gives away $10,000 to unsuspecting strangers for The Veronica Project.  Beautifully captured, the story is launched on YouTube to inspire random acts of kindness for the holidays.

New York, NY - December 10, 2014 - It’s not often that a mistake can change the lives of people for the better.  But a slip made by an anonymous person who calls himself an “everyday man” changed the lives of 100 inner city residents.  Diving headlong into thoughtfulness, the man randomly donated $10,000 worth of Toys R Us gift cards in the name of a stranger he calls “Veronica”.  Catching each recipient’s reactions on film the newly released video on YouTube brings The Veronica Project center stage.

The 2 1/2 minute short begins with the pivotal moment in 2012 when the everyday man stood in line at Toys R Us.  He watched as the young woman ahead of him came up short $30.  She was buying toys for Christmas and appeared to be struggling to make ends meet.  And though the man could have easily helped her, he found himself frozen.  Days later he made himself a promise.  He would find a way to make it up to the woman in the toy store and what’s better, try to bring strangers incalculable joy.

When asked to comment he said, “I made a mistake.  I had the opportunity to help someone and I didn’t do it. It really bothered me. But then I had an idea about how to make it right. I could honor the person I failed, by helping others. Greater still, if all the people who see this video did one nice thing for someone else, well…that's a pretty awesome thought.”

Celebrating random acts of kindness, the video and the project’s site asks its visitors to participate.  The site isn’t designed to raise funds; it’s there to shine a light on what others are doing to go beyond themselves and offer help to someone who needs it.  It’s grassroots kindness.

Stephen Francis, the producer of The Veronica Project video, said of his crew and their participation, “It was a profound experience for all of us. Touching people in a real way firsthand was so moving, but more importantly, it left a lasting impression. You can apply this outlook to everything you do in life. It's not about giving 10,000 dollars away. It's about doing what you can to help those around you.  It's easy to forget how good it feels to help someone out.”

About The Veronica Project:

The Veronica Project is a non-profit organization that celebrates random acts of thoughtfulness and seeks to inspire people to become a part of the Culture of Kindness.

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Give Back Challenge - Orlando, FL

Give Back Challenge Indiegogo Campaign Makes Helping Others Sustainable, Attainable, and Cool

Making social enterprise hip, the Give Back Challenge is launched on Indiegogo to bring the masses charity 2.0.  With a “power to the people approach” the project encourages real change via videos asking viewers to pay it forward in impactful ways.

Orlando, FL - October 3, 2014 - Doing what Millennials do best, an Orlando-based social enterprise branches out to redefine philanthropy in the digital age.  Founded by young entrepreneurs with an answer to dynamic social change, the Give Back Challenge asks for an army of influencers to link arms in the creation of, and participation in, video challenges.  Challenges ask viewers to unify and sustainably support their community.  Adding to the fun, they may also get prizes and recognition along the way.

Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the summer’s viral humanitarian effort that raised $115 million for a cure, the Give Back social enterprise depends on the kindness of strangers.  Creating an “Everybody Wins” movement, participants themselves are the direct delivery system giving aid where it’s needed most.  

The Give Back Challenge model goes a little something like this.  If one million participants enter a challenge to feed five hungry people, five million hungry people are fed.  If one million people answer a video challenge to pick up ten bags of trash well, there are ten million less bags of trash on the streets.  Could there be a simpler, more cost-efficient way to multiply effectiveness?

Redefining the art of giving so every single person can participate, the Give Back Challenge creates a well-spring of practicality.  Now people without the cash to give to charities can give their time and their effort to help those who need it most. 

William Fang, Founder and President of Give Back Challenge said of the timeliness of the project, “This generation needs a new way to work together to create sustainable change.  Though many charities do wonderful work, people don’t have time to do the research to see who is actually passing benefits on to those who need it most.  Using technology first, we create face-to-face interactions that brings positive change immediately.”

Give Back Challenge Indiegogo crowdfunding perks include rewards as well as donations to outlets creating real social change.  Donations will support programs like the FEED Foundation that provides school meals to hungry children and Give Directly, which donates to extreme poverty in Kenya.

About Give Back Challenge:

The Give Back Challenge is a sustainable social enterprise designed to redefine the act of giving charitable donations. Utilizing the public as a goods and services direct delivery system, participants post videos asking viewers to accept challenges that directly benefit the communities they’re designed to serve.  The challenge model solidifies a new approach to philanthropy in the digital age.


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Ontario, Canada - PhoneDown Offers a Challenge to Set Down the Smartphone and Pick Up a Life

Responding to the mania surrounding smartphone usage, provides a community to support those brave enough to just say no.   

London, Ontario, Canada - August 2, 2014 - When studies show that participants would rather give themselves a shock of electricity than sit and enjoy the simple life, something's amiss.  Could sensation seeking be a global addiction?  While smartphones  support of the god of multi-tasking, some would say they’ve become a bit of a liability.  Enter,   

PhoneDown gives users every reason to unplug from the busyness associated with keeping a smartphone at arm’s reach.  A responsible approach to social networking, the app provides a time stamp to prove they've officially stepped away from the cell phone.  The timestamp is attached to a photo of what they did instead.  It also gives a time clock that counts how long they did it.  

Aaron Lindsay, founder of said of the app launch, “I’m guilty of loving my smartphone too much, I’ll admit it.  I’ve text while driving and there’s no good excuse for that.  With this mobile app I’ve taken that horrible habit and made a community out of changing it.  Now fellow users of PhoneDown can post their pictures on the site, along with their timestamps, to prove that they’ve done something other than be on their phone.  It’s at least a step in the right direction.  I just want us to remember what it's like to be human again.”

About is a mobile web app designed to encourage users to put their phone down and enjoy simple activities like family time, friends, exercise, eating or favorite pastimes.  The app also acts as an accountability tool to keep users off the phone while driving.


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Flying John Game - Amersfoort, Netherlands

Flappy Bird Creators Set To Release New Flying John Game For Facebook, iOS And Android  

G-Projects, the creators of the wildly popular Flappy Bird Online game, is set to release their follow-up game called Flying John.  Set for release in late April on Flying John will give gamers the ability to customize their experience with new birds and new backgrounds.

Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands - April 22, 2014 - Already enjoying the success of millions of plays for their wildly popular online game Flappy Bird, the Dutch company G-Projects ups the ante on what a digital bird aloft can do.  Known affectionately by its creators as “Flappy 2.0” the Flappy Bird follow-up is entitled Flying John and will thrill gamers worldwide in late April.  Flying John is already available for Android in the Google Play store and will be available on iOS and Facebook later this month. The game will give players a new and fully customizable experience.  An experience with the ability to unlock new birds and change the game’s background via coins earned through successful play.   

Stefan Gaasbeek, owner of G-Projects said of the Flying John launch, “When Flappy Bird went viral and received millions of plays we knew we had to create the perfect follow-up.  We’ve brought a lot of thought to this project and we’re confident that by giving the gamer the ability to customize their own experience it not only increases the fun, it makes it all the more addicting.”

Available at month’s end on the new G-Projects game has a sleeker look than its predecessor.  Making the most of the new look with backgrounds that can be changed, Flying John gamers will also be introduced to five new talented birds including the game’s namesake.  

Gamers can earn coins to unlock Flying Bert, Flying Lynn, Flying Tweet and Flying Chad.  Beginning with the “face” of the game Flying John, for between 600 and 10,000 coins the new birds with their own original looks can bring hours of riveting fun.

About G-Projects:

G-Projects is a Dutch online entertainment company located in Amersfoort, Netherlands founded in 2007 by twin brothers Stefan and Erwin Gaasbeek.  The company is the creator of the popular online game  G-Projects celebrates the launch of the newest addition to their gaming line up, Flying John.  Flying John will be available at the end of April on, Facebook, Google Play Store and iTunes.


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PicPlace App - New York City, NY

Picplace App Uses Its Photo’s GPS Coordinates To Keep Track Of Unique Spots Travelers Visit

Providing a virtual photo journal of a traveler’s favorite newfound places, the Picplace app will launch on May 1st just in time for Memorial Day. Using what’s always on hand, a smartphone, the app uses a photo’s GPS coordinates to document a location making it easy to find again.

New York City, NY - April 9, 2014 - Like a personal concierge in your pocket, a new app by the name of Picplace makes the whole wide world your own small town.  Designed by co-creators Olivier Gillaizeau and Andrew Milham the new app makes traveling memorably interactive with a virtual travel diary that’s mappable.  By using the iPhone Gillaizeau and Milham have revolutionized how travelers wander.  Now, when touring a city and happening on unique spots they want to revisit, travelers can take a photo in Picplace.  The app then matches the photo’s GPS coordinates to document the location in a travel diary making it easy to find again whether on or off line.  

Gillaizeau said of the May 1st Picplace launch, “What better way to grab the ultimate souvenir than by making it a place your smartphone can find again?  The possibilities are endless. This iOS locating app is a great start for us.  We’re going to continue to bring technology to the travel space simply and easily.”

Born two years ago out of Gillaizeau’s frustration while traveling around Europe, Picplace is the result of the French-born designer’s desire to change how travelers travel.  He noticed that despite technology’s astounding advances, the experience of traveling had remained much the same for forty years.  With all this in mind, Picplace has animation and interaction at the center of its brand; making a beautiful experience for the traveler the focus of the app’s minimalistic design.  Within the app, unique and special places can be shared with friends on social networks as well.  

About Picplace:

Picplace is an app co-created by Olivier Gillaizeau and Andrew Milham to provide users with a virtual photo journal of their favorite newfound places.  The iOS app matches a Picplace photo to its GPS coordinates so users can easily find the photographed location again.


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CrowdEnergy - Zephyrhills, FL Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Raise Funds For Renewable Ocean Energy

Offering a way for crowdfunding to save the planet introduces an enterprising renewable ocean energy solution that can only be described as a viable means to make a difference.

ZEPHYRHILLS, FL (November 27, 2013) - With their eye on change succinctly asks the question, “What could humanity accomplish with unlimited fresh water and unlimited clean energy?”  Then bravely armed with a revolutionary idea the organization answers with a way to find out.  Daring to use what is readily available, ocean currents constantly on the move, seeks to inch society toward its first commercially viable clean renewable energy source.  With the faithful support of forward-thinking backers is slated to complete construction on two viable game changers by March 2014. 

An Ocean Energy Turbine Prototype and a Laminar Flow Test Tank will allow researchers to compile data and optimize design on what will ultimately allow competition with, and eventually replacement of, fossil fuels and nuclear power dependency.  To move toward renewable ocean energy the organization endeavors to raise $275,000.

With their eye on using the ocean’s currents to produce renewable energy will use a submersible Ocean Energy Turbine.  The organization has a number of versions on tap.  One such version is the Deep Ocean Turbine, a towable space frame that can be easily moved off the coast of a location and then dropped to the sea floor.  Once in place the turbine can almost instantly provide a source of unlimited power.  Making it even more advantageous the turbine’s excess torque can be used to drive high pressure Reverse Osmosis Desalinization Pumps to provide limitless fresh water as well.  The group makes great strides in renewable ocean energy research and is slated to have four submerged production scale turbines feeding the power grid by 2015. 

Todd Janca, Founder of is the original inventor of the Deep Ocean Turbine.  Janca grew up at Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory in Jamaica and logged thousands of hours as a research submersible pilot who constantly battled sub-sea currents to keep subs positioned over locations scientists wanted to study.  It was those integral experiences that led to the inventions that will now change how humankind approaches renewable energy.  

Keeping the marine environment top-of-mind Janca said of the potential of the turbines on ocean life, “Everything we build is designed to work in harmony with its ocean environment. We have Marine Animal Behaviorist and Oceanographers as well as Marine Biologists as part of our team to ensure that our project will have no negative affect the ocean’s environment. We will accomplish this by using eco-friendly materials and coatings on the turbine and selecting locations away from reef habitats.” seeks the help of supporters to build a turbine prototype and test tank.  Funds will also be used to move them both to Florida Atlantic University for verification.  Once verified a larger sea trial prototype will be built and installed in the University’s open ocean testing site off the coast of South Florida.  Once successful data is compiled and electricity is generated a first production scale turbine will be built.  Janca adds, “Once we reach this goal we can prove that Deep Ocean Current Energy is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and is a viable alternative to fossil fuel and nuclear energy.”

About is the collaborative effort of a small group of Engineers, Inventors, and Scientists specializing in SubSea Engineering, Oceanography, Marine Ecology and Conservation, Electrical Engineering, Fabrication and Design.  Todd Janca is the original inventor of the Deep Ocean Turbine and has a number of other energy patents to his credit.


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HomeRefiner - New York, NY

HomeRefiner Takes The Guesswork Out Of Good Taste With A New Level Of Interior Design Online

HomeRefiner is the online interior design service that brings a sense of style, affordability and impressive design options to their client’s inbox.

NEW YORK, NY (December 30, 2013) - Without hesitation, tackling impressive interior design can be overwhelming on a myriad of fronts.  Be it cost, the challenges of style choice, or the overwhelming nature of the job, it’s safe to say that most people don’t have the talent to be their own high-end decorator.  That said, not everyone can afford the often exorbitant prices of an interior decorator or their refined taste.  A new company broaches that subject by offering a personalized approach.   Elfya Van Muylem, Founder of and on-air designer for HGTV and the Oh! Oxygen Channel, ups the ante on well-apportioned living spaces via DIY interior design.

HomeRefiner brings home decorating to a whole new level.   Never coercing clients to purchase expensive furniture to charge outlandish commissions on high-priced sales, Van Muylem’s E-décor company designs approachable spaces based on the client’s specific needs.  Launching the partnership with clients with a face-to-face consultation via Skype, the online interior designer “walks through” the space wherever it may be in the world.  

Once an interior design plan has been established Van Muylem then suggests furniture arrangements via fully-designed black and white floor plans, photo realistic previews in 3D, or full package 3D walk-through videos.  Making furniture shopping the most convenient it’s ever been, the home styling service gives direct links to vendors so clients can make purchases on their own and follow the suggested floor plans to a tee.

Simply stated, is intent on developing a design plan for clients that saves 90% off traditional decorator fees.  Fully tailored to the client’s budget, HomeRefiner’s prices range from $129 for the initial online walk-through to $1299 for the full-service package.

About HomeRefiner:

HomeRefiner is an E-décor service founded in 2007 by Elfya Van Muylem.  Van Muylem is a Fashion Institute of Technology and the School of Visual Arts graduate and a former design assistant of Miles Redd.  She has been an on-air designer for home improvement shows on HGTV and the Oh! Oxygen Channel.

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Video Script For Halos - London, UK


Halos Kickstarter Script

VO: Even though we do this 20 thousand times a day and over 700 hundred million times in our lifetime we don’t often think about the importance of breathing.  Not until we can’t do it easily.  

VO: At an alarming rate, Asthma and allergies are becoming epidemic. In some areas of the world there’s a 160 percent jump in instances and there’s no explanation why.  But we do know this, we can help.  Now it’s time to breathe smart.

VO: Have you ever wondered why you felt so good after a day at the beach? The ancient Greeks believed the reason could be attributed to one natural resource.  Salt.  

VO: For centuries, when inhaled, dry salt enriched air has allowed small impurities to dissolve in the lungs and airways.  The 100% drug free treatment clears mucus restoring airflow 85 to 98 percent of the time allowing users to breathe easier after just a few sessions.  It alleviates sneezing, shortness of breath and helps the handling of triggers that provoke symptoms. 

VO: Now, you can have this proven treatment in the comfort of your living room. We introduce Halos.

VO: Halos will create the same microclimate found in natural salt caves in your home by using pure natural salt that is packed and laboratory manufactured to 0.6u microns.

VO: Safe and simple to use with one click of a button the battery operated Halos has an intelligent sensor to measure salt concentration in the air and assure that the right amount of salt is applied throughout the room.

VO: Additionally, we’ve made salt smart.  With the Halos APP you can see the current salt particle concentration in the air, track your sessions and be notified you when you’re starting to run out of salt so you can order more.

 VO: Using only the highest quality brushless motor the Halos is manufactured in Germany and offers a sleek design -  a stylish addition to any home.  

Join us in making Halos a fearless way to breathe smart.


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The Beast - Singapore

The Beast Unleashes Its American-Made Southern Comfort Fare And One-Of-A-Kind Bourbon Bar On Singapore

Occupying a three story shophouse in Kampong Glam The Beast is unleashed in Singapore.  Doling out southern comfort food like chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits, the eatery and bar’s real focus is on its bourbon.

SINGAPORE (November 8, 2013) - Finding a 4,000 square foot three story shophouse in Kampong Glam, Singapore to some people would just be, well, a shophouse.  That wasn’t the case with entrepreneur extraordinare Jamie Koh.  Koh took one look at the space and thought, “Animal barn.” Translating that thought to humankind’s benefit went a little something like this.  Since the first floor of a barn is where the animals generally “play” why not make the bottom floor a space for a casual thirty seat bar with an alfresco corridor? That’s where fifty guests could “graze” on something Koh found on her worldwide travels, bourbon glazed ribs and wings.  Hence, The Beast was born.

Lauded as Singapore’s first bourbon bar replete with 148 kinds of bourbon whiskey for two legged animals to choose from, The Beast is not the everyday bar.  It’s also a throwback to American southern comfort food.  While drinkers acquaint themselves with Wild Turkey and Maker’s Mark tapped from six large wood barrels behind the bar, dishes like shrimp and grits or chicken and waffles swathed in bacon bourbon jam will entertain diners.  Diners released on fare like, how do the southerners say it? Like a duck on a bug.  

Along with the bourbon on tap, the top shelf bourbon cocktails, and the bourbon glazed ribs The Beast is open seven days a week.  It holds court with brunch every Saturday and Sunday.  Extensive bottled and draft beers are offered along with the unparalleled selection of 148 types of whiskey, 38 of which are offered daily for a nominal $3 a shot.  The Beast’s second floor is for dining and its third is for events.

About Jamie Koh:

Jamie Koh is the Managing Director of The Beast and the owner of Chupitos Bar, Singapore’s first specialized shots bar in Clarke Quay.  The business owner was the recipient of the YES! Startup grant by SPRING Singapore and was voted Rising Personality of the Year in 2010.  Koh is sufficiently schooled in southern hospitality as she has a Bachelor’s Degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

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"Prompt and on point."  Jamie Koh, Managing Director of The Beast


GoogyMadoody - Copenhagen, Denmark

Googymadoody Children’s Book App Launches To A Broader Audience

Googymadoody enjoys resounding success in Denmark having been chosen as one of the best children’s book apps by Danish libraries.  As a natural evolution, the hilarious book of children’s poems now makes its way across Europe and onto the shores of America and Australia. 

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (January 19, 2014) - Retired Kindergarten teacher Annette Fahnoe and her husband, acclaimed artist Tore Bahnson, celebrate the launch of their highly successful children’s book app Googymadoody.  With resounding applause from kids in Denmark, and the teachers and librarians who educate them, Fahnoe and Bahnson engage their readers with what can only be described as vibrant poems and artwork.  Both are imbued with the most humanizing silliness one could ever have the good fortune to read.   Having parlayed her vibrant interest in children’s literature and her education in child development into a riotous trip down all things common to life, Fahnoe and her amazingly talented husband have created a pint sized masterpiece not unlike their young readers.

Fahnoe said of her work, “Googymadoody's success with first and second graders makes us happy.  That's why we made Googymadoody and that’s why we keep it affordable.  The app is about making children laugh.  We want them to find comfort with issues that can be challenging.” 

Googymadoody’s poems address divorce, joint custody, anger, family quirks, fear and eating healthfully despite never wanting to.  The colorful poems also bring life to events like having a baby brother, getting dressed, and being mad about what's in one’s lunch box. 

Fahnoe added, “Children deserve to have grown-ups take them seriously and it can all be done very well with humor.  Humor speaks just like love, no matter what country we’re in, we all need it.”  

Truly a family affair the children’s book app on iTunes is published by TASYideas, a company owned by the creative duo’s son-in-law.  The impetus for writing the hilarious book of children’s rhymes was Fahnoe and Bahnson’s seven year-old granddaughter.  Age four at the time of its writing and illustration the artist’s grandchild began saying the rhymes in earshot of her friends who clamored for copies of their own.  The rest, as they say, is history. 

About Googymadoody:

Googymadoody is a children’s book app for children ages four and above written by Annette Fahnoe and illustrated by her husband Tore Bahnson.  Fahnoe has an education in child development and was a Kindergarten teacher for many years before retirement.  Bahnson is an acclaimed painter, filmmaker and poet.  Fahnoe and Bahnson live in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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"Thank you so much! You did an excellent job - it was very professional. We're extremely satisfied. Highly recommended!" Annette Fahnoe, Author of Googymadoody

Effortless City - San Francisco, CA

Effortless City Brings Awareness To Mobility Considerations In San Francisco

Effortless City, a startup company just outside San Francisco, California, brings awareness to mobility issues facing people with disabilities.  The first app of its kind, the new inclusive navigational tool is helpful for managing sidewalks.  

CAMPBELL, CA (November 4, 2013) - Highlighting the challenge it can be for some San Francisco, California residents and tourists to navigate the area’s bustling sidewalks, Effortless City’s greatest commodity may very well be the awareness they bring.  Headed up by two women, Joana Cardoso and Shannon Moore the company is in development on a web portal and corresponding app that will tell users where the best, most easily navigated sidewalks, restaurants, and tourist spots can be found.  While incredibly resourceful for all concerned the women are particularly interested in the attention they will bring to the mobility concerns of people with disabilities.  

Herself a member of the population who travels by way of wheelchair Moore said of the project, “I believe this is something I can do to equip people with challenges like my own.  We’re often overlooked worldwide when it comes to travel.  With that being the case Joana and I hope to broaden our reach to other cities with our Effortless City project.”  Moore and Cardoso hope that by mapping other cities they will continually bring attention to the need for easily traveled city sidewalks and destinations for all members of the population.

Incorporating sidewalk conditions, inclination, and obstacles the Effortless City sidewalk maps and apps will make use of a color-coded system to indicate levels of difficulty and effortless routes.  Developed iconography will alert pedestrians to specific sidewalk obstacles such as corners without ramps, large cracks, holes and gutter dips.  Bringing attention to sidewalks, as opposed to roads covered by apps like Google Earth, the information Effortless City imparts will drastically improve the quality of life for its users.

About Effortless City:

Effortless City is made up of Shannon Moore, a wheelchair user and graduate of Eckerd College with a BA in Psychology and Joana Cardoso a graduate of Kean University with a BFA in Graphic Design.  The Effortless City project is one of the first comprehensive navigation resources for people with mobility considerations. 

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"We are blown away by the generosity of Tammi. She created a fabulous press release for our project, and then gifted us a second 400 word press release in support of our cause. Her writing is to the point and professional. We highly recommend working with this talented writer." Shannon Moore, Co-Founder of Effortless City


QITLabs - Barcelona, Spain

QITLabs Adds Two New Features To Their Already Highly Successful App

QITLabs announces the addition of two new features to their mobile GPS tracking app  The GPS phone tracker now encompasses battery alerts and device managers to increase functionality, security, and customer satisfaction.  

BARCELONA, SPAIN - QITLabs has risen to the demand and acknowledged the increasing need for GPS tracking innovations that ensure security and productivity in daily business worldwide.  To that end the company is happy to announce the launch of two new features to their already comprehensive mobile GPS phone tracking app.  The phone tracker ups the ante on a manager’s ability to maintain a team of employees right down to the battery life of their devices. 

Sarah Nan DuPre, Sales and Marketing Manager at QITLabs recently said of the new features, “As we took our GPS tracker to a new level all we had to do was listen to the needs of our customers.  Certainly battery capability of their teams was of special concern and so we took steps to remedy that.  Additionally we incorporated an administrative device manager which is essential for privacy and data safety.”  

To increase functionality the first new feature offered on the phone tracking device is the Battery Alert feature.  Battery Alert will allow managers to track an employee’s cell phone and tablet’s battery life.  Managers can simply select an option to “Define a Battery Alert Level” and they will receive emails when the employee’s defined battery alert level is reached.  The second feature the QITLabs GPS mobile tracking app will incorporate is the Device Manager.  The Device Manager assures the security of the administrator’s account as well as all administrative data.  It will be used by administrators only who will set up accounts that will allow limited access for employees.  

Proven invaluable to heighten loss prevention, employee time tracking, and the management of business assets the GPS phone tracking technologically is often used to help managers track the whereabouts of employees as well as company vehicles.  The short list of industries the app is useful for entails the transportation industry, sales forces and delivery services to name a very few. Users need only to install the GPS phone tracking app on the phone or tablet that they wish to locate and log-on to the tracking account to view the location of the device.

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"The PR is absolutely PERFECT! It's just what we were looking for you. Tammi did an amazing job. We are an IT company, so this PR was not an easy task, but Tammi managed to eloquently explain everything. We can't wait to work with Tammi again! Definitely recommend her!!!!!!" Sarah Nan DuPre, Sales and Marketing Manager at QITLabs