Effortless City - San Francisco, CA

Effortless City Brings Awareness To Mobility Considerations In San Francisco

Effortless City, a startup company just outside San Francisco, California, brings awareness to mobility issues facing people with disabilities.  The first app of its kind, the new inclusive navigational tool is helpful for managing sidewalks.  

CAMPBELL, CA (November 4, 2013) - Highlighting the challenge it can be for some San Francisco, California residents and tourists to navigate the area’s bustling sidewalks, Effortless City’s greatest commodity may very well be the awareness they bring.  Headed up by two women, Joana Cardoso and Shannon Moore the company is in development on a web portal and corresponding app that will tell users where the best, most easily navigated sidewalks, restaurants, and tourist spots can be found.  While incredibly resourceful for all concerned the women are particularly interested in the attention they will bring to the mobility concerns of people with disabilities.  

Herself a member of the population who travels by way of wheelchair Moore said of the project, “I believe this is something I can do to equip people with challenges like my own.  We’re often overlooked worldwide when it comes to travel.  With that being the case Joana and I hope to broaden our reach to other cities with our Effortless City project.”  Moore and Cardoso hope that by mapping other cities they will continually bring attention to the need for easily traveled city sidewalks and destinations for all members of the population.

Incorporating sidewalk conditions, inclination, and obstacles the Effortless City sidewalk maps and apps will make use of a color-coded system to indicate levels of difficulty and effortless routes.  Developed iconography will alert pedestrians to specific sidewalk obstacles such as corners without ramps, large cracks, holes and gutter dips.  Bringing attention to sidewalks, as opposed to roads covered by apps like Google Earth, the information Effortless City imparts will drastically improve the quality of life for its users.

About Effortless City:

Effortless City is made up of Shannon Moore, a wheelchair user and graduate of Eckerd College with a BA in Psychology and Joana Cardoso a graduate of Kean University with a BFA in Graphic Design.  The Effortless City project is one of the first comprehensive navigation resources for people with mobility considerations. 

For more information visit www.effortlesscity.com. To connect on Facebook visit www.facebook.com/effortlesscity.  


"We are blown away by the generosity of Tammi. She created a fabulous press release for our project, and then gifted us a second 400 word press release in support of our cause. Her writing is to the point and professional. We highly recommend working with this talented writer." Shannon Moore, Co-Founder of Effortless City