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HomeRefiner Takes The Guesswork Out Of Good Taste With A New Level Of Interior Design Online

HomeRefiner is the online interior design service that brings a sense of style, affordability and impressive design options to their client’s inbox.

NEW YORK, NY (December 30, 2013) - Without hesitation, tackling impressive interior design can be overwhelming on a myriad of fronts.  Be it cost, the challenges of style choice, or the overwhelming nature of the job, it’s safe to say that most people don’t have the talent to be their own high-end decorator.  That said, not everyone can afford the often exorbitant prices of an interior decorator or their refined taste.  A new company broaches that subject by offering a personalized approach.   Elfya Van Muylem, Founder of HomeRefiner.com and on-air designer for HGTV and the Oh! Oxygen Channel, ups the ante on well-apportioned living spaces via DIY interior design.

HomeRefiner brings home decorating to a whole new level.   Never coercing clients to purchase expensive furniture to charge outlandish commissions on high-priced sales, Van Muylem’s E-décor company designs approachable spaces based on the client’s specific needs.  Launching the partnership with clients with a face-to-face consultation via Skype, the online interior designer “walks through” the space wherever it may be in the world.  

Once an interior design plan has been established Van Muylem then suggests furniture arrangements via fully-designed black and white floor plans, photo realistic previews in 3D, or full package 3D walk-through videos.  Making furniture shopping the most convenient it’s ever been, the home styling service gives direct links to vendors so clients can make purchases on their own and follow the suggested floor plans to a tee.

Simply stated, HomeRefiner.com is intent on developing a design plan for clients that saves 90% off traditional decorator fees.  Fully tailored to the client’s budget, HomeRefiner’s prices range from $129 for the initial online walk-through to $1299 for the full-service package.

About HomeRefiner:

HomeRefiner is an E-décor service founded in 2007 by Elfya Van Muylem.  Van Muylem is a Fashion Institute of Technology and the School of Visual Arts graduate and a former design assistant of Miles Redd.  She has been an on-air designer for home improvement shows on HGTV and the Oh! Oxygen Channel.

For more information visit www.homerefiner.com. To connect on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest click on https://www.facebook.com/Homerefinerhttps://twitter.com/HOMEREFINER, http://www.pinterest.com/Homerefiner/ respectively.  


"ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! No wonder Tammi has so many good reviews! Professional. Timely. Manages expectations. Very friendly and personable. I am very happy with the work! Thanks again!" Elfya Van Muylem, Founder of HomeRefiner