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QITLabs Adds Two New Features To Their Already Highly Successful MapME.net App

QITLabs announces the addition of two new features to their mobile GPS tracking app MapME.net.  The GPS phone tracker now encompasses battery alerts and device managers to increase functionality, security, and customer satisfaction.  

BARCELONA, SPAIN - QITLabs has risen to the demand and acknowledged the increasing need for GPS tracking innovations that ensure security and productivity in daily business worldwide.  To that end the company is happy to announce the launch of two new features to their already comprehensive MapME.net mobile GPS phone tracking app.  The phone tracker ups the ante on a manager’s ability to maintain a team of employees right down to the battery life of their devices. 

Sarah Nan DuPre, Sales and Marketing Manager at QITLabs recently said of the new features, “As we took our GPS tracker to a new level all we had to do was listen to the needs of our customers.  Certainly battery capability of their teams was of special concern and so we took steps to remedy that.  Additionally we incorporated an administrative device manager which is essential for privacy and data safety.”  

To increase functionality the first new feature offered on the MapME.net phone tracking device is the Battery Alert feature.  Battery Alert will allow managers to track an employee’s cell phone and tablet’s battery life.  Managers can simply select an option to “Define a Battery Alert Level” and they will receive emails when the employee’s defined battery alert level is reached.  The second feature the QITLabs GPS mobile tracking app will incorporate is the Device Manager.  The Device Manager assures the security of the administrator’s account as well as all administrative data.  It will be used by administrators only who will set up accounts that will allow limited access for employees.  

Proven invaluable to heighten loss prevention, employee time tracking, and the management of business assets the GPS phone tracking technologically is often used to help managers track the whereabouts of employees as well as company vehicles.  The short list of industries the app is useful for entails the transportation industry, sales forces and delivery services to name a very few. Users need only to install the MapME.net GPS phone tracking app on the phone or tablet that they wish to locate and log-on to the tracking account to view the location of the device.

For more information visit http://mapme.net. To connect on Facebook and Twitter click on https://www.facebook.com/MapMENet and https://twitter.com/MapMENet respectively.  


"The PR is absolutely PERFECT! It's just what we were looking for you. Tammi did an amazing job. We are an IT company, so this PR was not an easy task, but Tammi managed to eloquently explain everything. We can't wait to work with Tammi again! Definitely recommend her!!!!!!" Sarah Nan DuPre, Sales and Marketing Manager at QITLabs