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Googymadoody Children’s Book App Launches To A Broader Audience

Googymadoody enjoys resounding success in Denmark having been chosen as one of the best children’s book apps by Danish libraries.  As a natural evolution, the hilarious book of children’s poems now makes its way across Europe and onto the shores of America and Australia. 

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (January 19, 2014) - Retired Kindergarten teacher Annette Fahnoe and her husband, acclaimed artist Tore Bahnson, celebrate the launch of their highly successful children’s book app Googymadoody.  With resounding applause from kids in Denmark, and the teachers and librarians who educate them, Fahnoe and Bahnson engage their readers with what can only be described as vibrant poems and artwork.  Both are imbued with the most humanizing silliness one could ever have the good fortune to read.   Having parlayed her vibrant interest in children’s literature and her education in child development into a riotous trip down all things common to life, Fahnoe and her amazingly talented husband have created a pint sized masterpiece not unlike their young readers.

Fahnoe said of her work, “Googymadoody's success with first and second graders makes us happy.  That's why we made Googymadoody and that’s why we keep it affordable.  The app is about making children laugh.  We want them to find comfort with issues that can be challenging.” 

Googymadoody’s poems address divorce, joint custody, anger, family quirks, fear and eating healthfully despite never wanting to.  The colorful poems also bring life to events like having a baby brother, getting dressed, and being mad about what's in one’s lunch box. 

Fahnoe added, “Children deserve to have grown-ups take them seriously and it can all be done very well with humor.  Humor speaks just like love, no matter what country we’re in, we all need it.”  

Truly a family affair the children’s book app on iTunes is published by TASYideas, a company owned by the creative duo’s son-in-law.  The impetus for writing the hilarious book of children’s rhymes was Fahnoe and Bahnson’s seven year-old granddaughter.  Age four at the time of its writing and illustration the artist’s grandchild began saying the rhymes in earshot of her friends who clamored for copies of their own.  The rest, as they say, is history. 

About Googymadoody:

Googymadoody is a children’s book app for children ages four and above written by Annette Fahnoe and illustrated by her husband Tore Bahnson.  Fahnoe has an education in child development and was a Kindergarten teacher for many years before retirement.  Bahnson is an acclaimed painter, filmmaker and poet.  Fahnoe and Bahnson live in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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"Thank you so much! You did an excellent job - it was very professional. We're extremely satisfied. Highly recommended!" Annette Fahnoe, Author of Googymadoody