CrowdEnergy - Zephyrhills, FL Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Raise Funds For Renewable Ocean Energy

Offering a way for crowdfunding to save the planet introduces an enterprising renewable ocean energy solution that can only be described as a viable means to make a difference.

ZEPHYRHILLS, FL (November 27, 2013) - With their eye on change succinctly asks the question, “What could humanity accomplish with unlimited fresh water and unlimited clean energy?”  Then bravely armed with a revolutionary idea the organization answers with a way to find out.  Daring to use what is readily available, ocean currents constantly on the move, seeks to inch society toward its first commercially viable clean renewable energy source.  With the faithful support of forward-thinking backers is slated to complete construction on two viable game changers by March 2014. 

An Ocean Energy Turbine Prototype and a Laminar Flow Test Tank will allow researchers to compile data and optimize design on what will ultimately allow competition with, and eventually replacement of, fossil fuels and nuclear power dependency.  To move toward renewable ocean energy the organization endeavors to raise $275,000.

With their eye on using the ocean’s currents to produce renewable energy will use a submersible Ocean Energy Turbine.  The organization has a number of versions on tap.  One such version is the Deep Ocean Turbine, a towable space frame that can be easily moved off the coast of a location and then dropped to the sea floor.  Once in place the turbine can almost instantly provide a source of unlimited power.  Making it even more advantageous the turbine’s excess torque can be used to drive high pressure Reverse Osmosis Desalinization Pumps to provide limitless fresh water as well.  The group makes great strides in renewable ocean energy research and is slated to have four submerged production scale turbines feeding the power grid by 2015. 

Todd Janca, Founder of is the original inventor of the Deep Ocean Turbine.  Janca grew up at Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory in Jamaica and logged thousands of hours as a research submersible pilot who constantly battled sub-sea currents to keep subs positioned over locations scientists wanted to study.  It was those integral experiences that led to the inventions that will now change how humankind approaches renewable energy.  

Keeping the marine environment top-of-mind Janca said of the potential of the turbines on ocean life, “Everything we build is designed to work in harmony with its ocean environment. We have Marine Animal Behaviorist and Oceanographers as well as Marine Biologists as part of our team to ensure that our project will have no negative affect the ocean’s environment. We will accomplish this by using eco-friendly materials and coatings on the turbine and selecting locations away from reef habitats.” seeks the help of supporters to build a turbine prototype and test tank.  Funds will also be used to move them both to Florida Atlantic University for verification.  Once verified a larger sea trial prototype will be built and installed in the University’s open ocean testing site off the coast of South Florida.  Once successful data is compiled and electricity is generated a first production scale turbine will be built.  Janca adds, “Once we reach this goal we can prove that Deep Ocean Current Energy is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and is a viable alternative to fossil fuel and nuclear energy.”

About is the collaborative effort of a small group of Engineers, Inventors, and Scientists specializing in SubSea Engineering, Oceanography, Marine Ecology and Conservation, Electrical Engineering, Fabrication and Design.  Todd Janca is the original inventor of the Deep Ocean Turbine and has a number of other energy patents to his credit.


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