Video Script For Halos - London, UK


Halos Kickstarter Script

VO: Even though we do this 20 thousand times a day and over 700 hundred million times in our lifetime we don’t often think about the importance of breathing.  Not until we can’t do it easily.  

VO: At an alarming rate, Asthma and allergies are becoming epidemic. In some areas of the world there’s a 160 percent jump in instances and there’s no explanation why.  But we do know this, we can help.  Now it’s time to breathe smart.

VO: Have you ever wondered why you felt so good after a day at the beach? The ancient Greeks believed the reason could be attributed to one natural resource.  Salt.  

VO: For centuries, when inhaled, dry salt enriched air has allowed small impurities to dissolve in the lungs and airways.  The 100% drug free treatment clears mucus restoring airflow 85 to 98 percent of the time allowing users to breathe easier after just a few sessions.  It alleviates sneezing, shortness of breath and helps the handling of triggers that provoke symptoms. 

VO: Now, you can have this proven treatment in the comfort of your living room. We introduce Halos.

VO: Halos will create the same microclimate found in natural salt caves in your home by using pure natural salt that is packed and laboratory manufactured to 0.6u microns.

VO: Safe and simple to use with one click of a button the battery operated Halos has an intelligent sensor to measure salt concentration in the air and assure that the right amount of salt is applied throughout the room.

VO: Additionally, we’ve made salt smart.  With the Halos APP you can see the current salt particle concentration in the air, track your sessions and be notified you when you’re starting to run out of salt so you can order more.

 VO: Using only the highest quality brushless motor the Halos is manufactured in Germany and offers a sleek design -  a stylish addition to any home.  

Join us in making Halos a fearless way to breathe smart.


"Very professional and easy to work with. Thank you Tammi!"