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Picplace App Uses Its Photo’s GPS Coordinates To Keep Track Of Unique Spots Travelers Visit

Providing a virtual photo journal of a traveler’s favorite newfound places, the Picplace app will launch on May 1st just in time for Memorial Day. Using what’s always on hand, a smartphone, the app uses a photo’s GPS coordinates to document a location making it easy to find again.

New York City, NY - April 9, 2014 - Like a personal concierge in your pocket, a new app by the name of Picplace makes the whole wide world your own small town.  Designed by co-creators Olivier Gillaizeau and Andrew Milham the new app makes traveling memorably interactive with a virtual travel diary that’s mappable.  By using the iPhone Gillaizeau and Milham have revolutionized how travelers wander.  Now, when touring a city and happening on unique spots they want to revisit, travelers can take a photo in Picplace.  The app then matches the photo’s GPS coordinates to document the location in a travel diary making it easy to find again whether on or off line.  

Gillaizeau said of the May 1st Picplace launch, “What better way to grab the ultimate souvenir than by making it a place your smartphone can find again?  The possibilities are endless. This iOS locating app is a great start for us.  We’re going to continue to bring technology to the travel space simply and easily.”

Born two years ago out of Gillaizeau’s frustration while traveling around Europe, Picplace is the result of the French-born designer’s desire to change how travelers travel.  He noticed that despite technology’s astounding advances, the experience of traveling had remained much the same for forty years.  With all this in mind, Picplace has animation and interaction at the center of its brand; making a beautiful experience for the traveler the focus of the app’s minimalistic design.  Within the app, unique and special places can be shared with friends on social networks as well.  

About Picplace:

Picplace is an app co-created by Olivier Gillaizeau and Andrew Milham to provide users with a virtual photo journal of their favorite newfound places.  The iOS app matches a Picplace photo to its GPS coordinates so users can easily find the photographed location again.



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