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Linus Dean Fuses the Old World With the New in His Newly Launched Co.lab88 Modern Rug Collection

Allowing ancient Nepalese craftsmanship to engagingly shake hands with Generation Y, Linus Dean announces the launch of his latest modern rug collection.  Designed by eight world-renown street artists Co.lab88 creates unique sophistication one socially-mindful weave at a time.

Sydney, NSW, AU - November 24, 2015 - Commingling the unconventional with the traditional Linus Dean announces his latest avant-garde rug collection.  Both radical and bold in its modernity, the excitingly fresh Co.lab88 collection does more than enliven the senses.  It marries old world production methods to ultramodern designs to help define a generation of internationally recognized street artists.

Ethically and traditionally handmade by weavers in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal Co.lab88 springs to life at the hands of eight respected artists.  The visionaries include, Jeroen Erosie who’s held over 20 solo exhibitions in Paris, London and Amsterdam.  It also includes Graphic Surgery’s Erris Huigens and Gysbert Zijlstra; the only artists in the mix to explore systematic aesthetics in black and white.  Other contributing artists include Brooklyn, New York’s Hellbent, and Austria’s Knarf, Australian artists Numskull and Lucas Grogan.  Combining abstract street style with symbolism is Sweden’s Ekta.  Polish architect, Nawer and Los Angeles graffiti artist Charlie Edmiston round out the artful eight.

Showcasing the newest work of emerging artists the designer rugs contemplate a sense of artful mastery that’s decidedly freestyle.  Catering to art buyers who are sophisticated in their understanding of design Co.lab88 art rugs range in price from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand.  In limited production of 50 each, Linus Dean will ask new artists to join the collection periodically.  

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About Linus Dean:

Founded in 2011, Linus Dean is a purveyor of modern contemporary rugs ethically handmade in Nepal.  Fusing traditional Nepalese craftsmanship with an environmentally-conscious commitment, Linus Dean creates rugs of heirloom quality.  Dean is an Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Award winner in design and has shown his art collections in the Global Gallery in Sydney, AU.


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