Why Is It?

Have you ever heard this? The cobbler's children have no shoes. It's the same with busy copywriters.

I had a goal years ago to write about the great souls I've come across as a copywriter.  I wanted to personally write about the ones that have stupendous businesses doing the world some good.  I think there's too much effort put into bad news. But, I got busy and lost count at 4,000 finished copywriting projects in the first four years. 

I digress, a leaf has been turned.

Let me start with the brave ones at Victoria Hand Project.  These folks provide upper-limb prosthetics called a Victoria Hand anywhere in the world, within one week, for $320.

You read me right. 

The digital age has risen to encompass possibilities of an entirely different kind. They use 3D printing technology to change lives in real time.

Here's what I didn't know. 

Eight out of ten people who need prosthetics live in developing countries. That means three million people need an upper-limb prosthetic but only five percent have access to care.

To put it succinctly, without their limb, they can't work. 

The Victoria Hand is a complete body-powered prosthesis consisting of a hand, a wrist, a limb-socket, and a harness. Its operation is so intuitive that amputees can learn to operate its many features in an hour. The prosthetics have a rotatable thumb and a mechanism that allows the hand to be locked while grasping an object. It also has a ball and socket wrist to orient the hand in a variety of ways. With 3D scanning, the printed limb socket is customized to fit each amputee's arm.

Makes me grateful for people who think outside the box.

But in all this heady brilliance, let's not forget Charlie Bravo Motorcycle Rescue Dog. That furry guy made me cry because of his sheer will to survive. 

Charlie was left to starve to death in a dog crate tossed out in a field in Little Rock, Arkansas.  But, instead, he defied odds and did his due diligence.  For weeks, he worked to chew a hole in his tiny prison.

He used what he had to change his circumstances.  

After weeks, by then skin over bones, was rescued by a motorcycle rider who didn't know he'd meet what I called in a press release, a canine marauder of hearts. Now, the two of them have a reward. It's our enjoyment of Charlie's innate canine ability to be a symbol of fortitude.  He's palpable and undeniably relevant to the human condition.

Ironic right?

What's your inspiration for greatness? Mine's being on the lookout for good in us all.  I hope to see it come round the bend on occasion, on the regular, and dare I say, on demand.

"Glogg." he said.


Ryan Larson, a brilliant contemporary of mine, said it so well...


"Let's not call this a blog. Sure, I have opinions, interests, stories, experiences, rants, suggestions, personal philosophies, (occasionally) humorous observations of daily life and my fair share of app-filtered pictures of food. I'm also, however, a full-blooded Norwegian from Wisconsin so, ya know, I don't like to force those things on people. Except, of course, for the poor souls whom I love and care about and with whom I spend any significant amount of time. And well, Facebook.

So let's call this a Glogg, which for now, shall be about toasting the aforementioned poor souls and the other hard working, intelligent, talented and all around good people that I have been fortunate and honored to work with and know. 

If you're looking for shameless self promotion, the rest of this site will have to suffice as it's about all I can stand.  En-da story."


I say "Hear! Hear!" And while I'm not full-blooded anything and hail from the shores of California I say this "glogg" too will be in honor of the wonderful souls who make up this grand world we live in.  I will support, be in love with, and laud their efforts here and in the press.  I give a solemn vow to give my all for their all.  

So here we go, and always, thank you for joining.