"Glogg." he said.


Ryan Larson, a brilliant contemporary of mine, said it so well...


"Let's not call this a blog. Sure, I have opinions, interests, stories, experiences, rants, suggestions, personal philosophies, (occasionally) humorous observations of daily life and my fair share of app-filtered pictures of food. I'm also, however, a full-blooded Norwegian from Wisconsin so, ya know, I don't like to force those things on people. Except, of course, for the poor souls whom I love and care about and with whom I spend any significant amount of time. And well, Facebook.

So let's call this a Glogg, which for now, shall be about toasting the aforementioned poor souls and the other hard working, intelligent, talented and all around good people that I have been fortunate and honored to work with and know. 

If you're looking for shameless self promotion, the rest of this site will have to suffice as it's about all I can stand.  En-da story."


I say "Hear! Hear!" And while I'm not full-blooded anything and hail from the shores of California I say this "glogg" too will be in honor of the wonderful souls who make up this grand world we live in.  I will support, be in love with, and laud their efforts here and in the press.  I give a solemn vow to give my all for their all.  

So here we go, and always, thank you for joining.