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Be Gracious Daily Launches Website For Copywriting Services And Lauding Simple Acts Of Kindness And Grand Gestures Of Change

Tammi Lynne, Founder of Be Gracious Daily launches website to make her copywriting services available to a broader audience while keeping simple acts of kindness at the forefront of her brand.

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 14, 2014) - Without hesitation, if there’s one thing the world needs more of it’s good news.  With that said could it be that in truth, what the world needs more of is opportunities to see the good news that inches its way across the media wires and onto the world stage? Such questions Tammi Lynne, Founder of the newly launched website, asks her readership.  

Announcing the official launch of her website dedicated to bringing an upbeat approach to life by way of highlighting great news and the people who make it Lynne said of the copywriting venture, “In my humble opinion, life should be focused on the good in the world.  To throw my full weight into that belief my company’s brand is wholeheartedly dedicated to heralding as much good news as I can find to pass along to my readership.  If only to raise the world’s level of good intentions and well-being it’s wholeheartedly worth it.”

The Be Gracious Daily website is made up of four simple pages that keep simplistic messages the hallmark of the brand.  Composed of samples of her work and a blog replete with the good news stories the brand is committed to, the site is an intentional nod to others.  Never is this more obvious than with the posting of press releases Lynne has written for out-of-the-box thinkers like CrowdEnergy in Zephyrihills, Florida that endeavors to raise funds for renewable ocean energy by way of ingenious turbines powered by the ocean’s waves.  “My commitment to their efforts is a commitment for a new sustainable way of life.  To bring attention to their work as they make better use of the earth’s resources is an honor for me.” added Lynne.  

Another of Be Gracious Daily Copywriting’s clients is Thunderbolt X from Auckland, New Zealand which is an extreme adventure company dedicated to expanding the life’s mission of anyone who is daring enough to heli ski down the deepest terrain and skydive their way to enlightenment.  Lynne said of her exceptional clients, “I love working with people who inspire me to enjoy life, give of my talents, and bring a new level of understanding to what it means to be a human that’s aware, focused, and given to generosity.  They make copywriting fun.” 

About Be Gracious Daily Copywriting:

Be Gracious Daily is a website dedicated to the copywriting services of Tammi Lynne and the intentional advance of good news stories from around the world. Lynne has been in the public relations and advertising industry since 1999 and works as a freelance writer for businesses and organizations worldwide.  Her dedication to relaying informational upbeat stories by way of her website, guest blog posts, and items in the press garners attention from a steady readership.