press release

200-Word Press Release - Fee: $150.00

The 200-word press release is short, sweet, and to the point.  With succinct writing it optimizes keywords without too much content.


350-Word Press Release - Fee: $250.00

By far the most popular of my offerings the 350-word press release offers just enough information to whet the appetite while still giving an overview of your company, service, or project. 


450-Word Press Release - Fee: $450.00

For more of an in-depth look at your offerings the 450-word press release is on point with more description of your company or project's benefits.



Distribution on ReleaseWire onDemand Premium fee is $70.

Distribution on PRUnderground Core fee is $80.

Syndication Report fee is $20. 

**All fees incur a 5% payment service fee.  

blog post

200-Word Blog Post - $120.00

300-400-Word Blog Post - $220.00

500-600-Word Blog Post - $320.00

video script

Thirty-Second Script - $200.00

One-Minute Script - $300.00

Two-Minute Script - $400.00