A press release must have a newsworthy angle or topic.  

Newsworthy topics include a launch, a sale, a new hire, a newly added benefit to your business, great reviews for a product, etc.  Press releases typically only have one subject however I can integrate other items into the release if need be. A press release needs to have compelling content to make it interesting.  If there's not a whole lot to say then a 200 word press release will work.

Information necessary to get started.

1. Company's Name 

2. Contact Person's Name & Title 

3. Newsworthy Topic 

4. Website & Social Networking Addresses 

5. Company's City, State & Country 

6. Background Information 

7. Benefits of Business

8. Keyword Suggestions


The process of an order.

Once send me a note and provide the requested information I will send you an invoice via PayPal.  The invoice will state a delivery date.  Once the invoice has been paid the order begins officially.  I will acknowledge the order with a note to you and then it will await its turn.  When I’m able I will write the release and send it back to you for changes and or your final approval.  

Typical changes to a release.

If possible, please make whatever changes you think are appropriate in the body of the release.  When the changes are made you send the release back to me with your approval for distribution of you’ve purchased that option.  I will then distribute it.

The distribution process.

If you’ve ordered distribution and I have your final approval on the release, I submit it and send you a screenshot of the item as proof of submission.  The release then goes through an approval process with the distribution site that normally takes one to two days.  When it is approved I send you a link to the live feed.  Syndication reports are generated two days after publication and will be sent to you then.

You can see where the press release was published.

I do offer a syndication report.  This will include an Excel and a PDF report that shows where the release was published in its first day.  

Best days for distribution.

Studies show that due to news being released 24/7 in today’s busy world, there’s no excellent day to submit a release.  Please note, distribution sites do not work on the weekends.



To get the best return, and drive traffic to your site, a press releases should be distributed to the media consistently - at least quarterly.  


When I write a press release I write them with keywords that Google searches for.  This allows search engines to direct people to your site when they search for items with those keywords.  This is called SEO or  Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization: a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) -- including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Press releases need to be distributed.

When purchased by a client I send a release to ReleaseWire and or PRUnderground who then offers it to media outlets.  It will be published on both of these sites within two days of submission.


ReleaseWire OnDemand Premium distribution delivers your press release to at least 400 outlets nationwide. These sources include many digital newspapers as well as online sites like PRNewswire and They also include television and radio outlets. Also, the release is live on ReleaseWire's site and you are given a link to it once distributed.   Fee: $50.00

PRUnderground Core distribution delivers the release to Google News and as well as social media and 50+ media outlets.   Fee: $100.00

Coverage, Recommendations & Case Study for PRUnderground 


I can't guarantee or give you a number for traffic or exposure nor can I target specific publication outlets. It doesn't tackle local media and should be part of a larger Marketing/PR/SEO effort.

Not all media outlets are highly-recognizable but still have tremendous merit.

Technically, regardless of what distribution option is purchased, there is no broad guarantee that the media will pick up the press release for publication. However, several media outlets that do pick up releases.  Typically my clients get about 20 to 25 pages of results listing multiple websites, TV and radio stations and newspapers that have published the release.  However, those media outlets may not be recognizable to you.  Still, they have merit because every time your press release gets published anywhere, Google has the opportunity to put your business up higher on a search page.  This again is search engine optimization.

International distribution.

My distribution partners do not work with international outlets directly however, many of their press releases are distributed worldwide due to third party outlets.

There’s an even bigger distribution site you can use.

PRWeb does hit many of the same markets as my distribution site ReleaseWire.  PRWeb is more costly and I do not offer that service.  


Optimize Your Press Release

Please be realistic when having a press release written and distributed.  A press release is put on the news wire for the media’s consideration.  Please understand the multitude of press releases that are offered worldwide daily by business owners like yourself.

Your best gauge of how a press release does is by the number of visitors to your site.  Please be advised, it’s very uncommon for one press release to give you optimum coverage.  Keyword rich press releases should be written and posted to distribution continually, at least quarterly.

With your press release, I have given you a list of every keyword and phrase that I used in it.  Please take this list and in your next press release or blog use a few of them.  This too will help establish your business, products and services in Google searches.

In addition to writing and posting press releases often there are additional avenues that can help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Once all distribution is accomplished please be aware that a press release will do more for you than having the possibility of getting it placed in the press. 

The combined effect of all of the promotional suggestions below, as soon as the press release goes live, will give a better chance at increased traffic to your site due to improved search engine rankings.  

After Online Distribution:

After Local Distribution:

If you’re using the press release for local distribution the following is a great suggestion.

  • Follow up quickly.

  • Call within a day or two to make sure the press release was received.

  • Don’t call an editor or reporter when they’re on a deadline. When calling, verify that they have time to talk.

  • Be available when a reporter calls and have an “elevator pitch” ready.

  • The pitch should include why your news is important to their readers and viewers.